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 Memberlist, Squads, Forum Updates [25th March 2014]

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PostSubject: Memberlist, Squads, Forum Updates [25th March 2014]    Wed Mar 26 2014, 06:23

So a lot has happened since the last announcement.
First off, welcome to Alpure
Great to see you here man. Let’s make this place just as great as V7X and NW were back in the day.
We also currently have 3 potential members, who will join when the new Mario Kart and Smash are released.
These are Sunny, oohcoo and Kiks. I hope everyone will make it, when the time comes, as they say they will.
If everything goes as planned, we will merge with the Danish Brawl Community (owned by Sunny), thus opening a lot of opportunities for offline events.

It was also decided that our Squads, this time around, will be:

I'm looking forward to see, how we'll evolve in these games.

We've done a few updates to the boards since last time:

The Memberlist has been updated along with the Member tab in the menu. Both show more relevant detailed information than before and had a minor visual update.

Added forum ranks, which are as follows:
: New User (0+ Posts)
: User (20+ Posts)
: Higher User (250+ Posts)
: Honorable User (500+ Posts)
: Star User (1000+ Posts)
: Leet User (1337+ Posts)
: Super Saiyan User (9001+ Posts)
We hope this new system will help you feel encouraged to stay active on the forum's debates.

And last. We added the some of our beloved xat smileys to the board.
 Eek Wary Swt Smirk Smile Shock Goo Hello Hehe Mad Ono Pce Frown D Crying Confused Biggrin Backoff
To use them, simply write them as you would on the chat, but use ":" instead of "(" and ")".

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Memberlist, Squads, Forum Updates [25th March 2014]
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