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Welcome to Next Warriors! We're a multigaming crew with focus on Nintendo titles.
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 Next Warriors: Who are we?

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Next Warriors: Who are we? Empty
PostSubject: Next Warriors: Who are we?   Next Warriors: Who are we? EmptyThu Mar 20 2014, 11:07

Who are we?
Next Warriors is an european multi-gaming crew with focus on Nintendo titles.
Our main games are:

  • Smash 4
  • Mario Kart 8
  • League of Legends
  • Pokémon

A little bit of history - Nintendo Warriors:
We started back in 2009 under the name "Nintendo Warriors", as a worldwide Nintendo multigaming clan focusing on the games "Mario Strikers Charged" & "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" for the Wii. The Nintendo scene sadly died out, and we chose to close around 2011.

Now - Next Warriors:
With the release of Wii U and 3DS around 2014, new Nintendo online games are on the way. This is a perfect chance for NW to get back.
This time around, our goal is to gather players from europe, who shares interest in the same games, overall hobbies and humor.
It's important to note that we focus more on fun, rather than producing great results. Great results should be coming along with the fun, but we never plan to go try-hard if it can take away the fun for anyone.
Our members has to be friendly, competitive, docile, calm and able to handle any form of harassment.
Enjoy your stay!
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Next Warriors: Who are we?
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